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Senior Consultant Dr Augenstein on his new treatment concept for lymphedemas and lipedemas: the patient is given “a major boost forward”

By Ralph Lorenz

Mittwoch 30. Mai 2018 – Bad Pyrmont (wbn). A new concept for the combined in-patient and out-patient treatment of lymphedemas and lipedemas has been developed and put into practice successfully by Dr Ulrich Augenstein, Senior Consultant in Bad Pyrmont’s Agaplesion Evangelisches Bathildiskrankenhaus. The success rate is extremely high. On the one hand, it lowers the costs for the treatment considerably, and on the other, it gives the patients a “noticeable boost forward” which gives them a new lease of life.

Seen in this light, there are winners on all sides using this system which is now also attracting attention nationwide. After the four-day inpatient treatment, the outpatient phase follows, during which the patients stay “on the radar” for three months, as Dr Augenstein, Senior Consultant vividly describes while speaking to Ralph Lorenz from the online news portal weserbergland-nachrichten.de.

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Two points are quite decisive: continuous treatment from one source, and the well thought-out de-escalation concept for serious clinical pictures.

At the same time, this is an example of the progressive teamwork to be found in the world of Agaplesion hospitals. Not only in Lower Saxony.



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